4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Teenage Basement Bedrooms

Many people like to expand the square footage in their home by finishing a basement and creating additional bedrooms. If you have a teenager in your home, a basement bedroom can provide them with privacy and space as they thrive in school and transition into adulthood. Along with finishing off a basement for proper temperature control and comfort, a basement bedroom can feature a number of electrical upgrades suited for a teen. Browse through the following four electrical upgrades and how they can be implemented into the teen's downstairs bedroom. Each upgrade will help bring power to the basement and provide a teen with everything they need.

Lighting Upgrades

Basements can feel dark and dank. Instead of relying on plug-in lamps, an electrician can set up lighting solutions that offer full illumination for the basement area. One ideal lighting solution is recessed lights. These lights can be wired and installed in the ceiling of a basement. Since many basements have less height than a typical room, recessed lighting can help save space by running flush with the ceiling. Circular recessed lights can be evenly spaced out through the room to offer even lighting and easy visuals. This is great way to study, read books, and hangout with plenty of light.

Another lighting option that electricians can install are automated runner lights. Walking down basement stairs or through a hall can be very dark, especially at night. Instead of adding lights into every part of the basement, runner lights provide enough illumination while walking. These lights are usually installed at ankle height on the walls and staircase. An automatic motion sensor activates the light as a person approaches. This helps provide illumination and saves energy with less light use.

Wall Ports & Connections

Teenagers are often connected to the digital world, and electricians can help provide that direct connection with some basement bedroom upgrades. One of the main upgrades to consider for this room is an internet and phone jack. With thick walls and deep foundations, it's often hard to get a good Wi-Fi connection in a basement. Instead of having an unreliable connection, an electrician can install an internet port directly to the room. This allows a teenager to connect a router and have the fastest internet speeds possible in the home. This is ideal for connecting a computer, laptops, and video game consoles to the internet.

An electrician can install other connections like standard outlets and USB ports. Direct wall USB ports are great for charging devices and using a variety of USB gadgets. Cell phones and tablets can be plugged directly into the USB port and provide unlimited power for a teen.

Electrical Heating Options

All year long, the basement can feel cooler than the rest of the home. If this is the case in your basement, then you can work with an electrician to set up multiple types of heating elements. An electric fireplace is a great way to add both heat and style to a basement bedroom. An electrician can install an electrical fireplace that sits flush within a wall or is wired into an outlet on the wall and has a mantle ideal for displaying items. Another heating option is electric heated floor panels. Heated area on the floor will make it more comfortable when walking barefoot or laying on the floor of the basement.

Wall Intercom Systems

Open up communications with the rest of the home by having an electrician install wall intercom systems. These systems can be wired into the power grid and allow the teen to communicate with other people in the house. This can help save the time and effort of going all the way up or down the basement stairs just to make contact. For example, a mother can quickly call a teen upstairs for dinner using the intercom. It's also a good way to announce when guests are over so no one gets sent down into the basement alone. An electrician can set up the intercoms in multiple rooms and ensure that they have the necessary power to operate all times of the day.

When planning out the room design, it's a good idea to make a priority list and sketch a small blueprint for the electricians to work with. This will help create a room that matches your teen's wants and desires.

For more information and options, talk with professional electrical services in your area.