Electrical Safety For Kids And Pets

Electrical safety is important for everyone, but it can be especially hard to manage when you have kids and pets in the house. Here are some of the ways that you can make your home safer for all of your little ones.

Make Sure Wiring Is Sound

It becomes especially important to ensure that your wiring is sound when you have kids or pets in the house. They won't be able to recognize the key signs of an electrical issue to protect themselves. Every few years, getting an electrician to come to your home and check on wiring is a good use of your money. They can look for damaged wires, ungrounded circuitry, and more.

Install Residual Current Devices

A residual current device (or RCD) is a must in the areas where your children and pets spend their time. This device monitors an electrical circuit's activity to make sure that it is behaving normally. If it detects that the circuit has been damaged, it shuts of electricity flow immediately. That can save a life if your pet or child touches a wire or outlet that's connected to an open circuit.

Deal with Electrical Cords

Electrical cords are a hazard both for pets and children. They might decide to pull on the wires, possibly bringing an appliance down from its perch. The cords might also draw attention to electrical outlets, where you certainly don't want kids or pets exploring. Taping cords out of the way with electrical tape is a good idea; you could get colored tape or paint over the tape to help disguise it with your walls. For pets, coating the wires with a bitter substance that's safe for pets will keep them from nibbling on wires; ask your vet for suggestions for your pet type. For children, instructing them not to play with cords is also a good idea.

Installing a Generator

Another hazard that comes with electricity is the lack of it. Power failure is a hazard when it takes out your heating source, causes anxiety for young children, or makes it harder to keep kids and pets safer in your care. Generators are a good solution to consider for ensuring you're never without power.

Teaching Kids About Electricity

In general, kids can benefit from learning about electricity, what it does, and how to stay safe. Many online educational programs provide resources for electrical safety to children of many different age groups. Besides that, review these lessons if you see kids mishandling electrical components or devices.

To conclude, many extra steps are often needed to keep both pets and kids safe from electrical components of your home. Starting with an electrical inspection, work your way through your home to identify potential hazards for both groups. Contact a company like Oak Electric for more information.