Electrical Safety Tips For Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

As outdoor temperatures begin to rise, many homeowners are starting to think about getting their central air conditioning systems running. Preparing your air conditioner to shoulder the workload associated with the warm summer months is important, and it's important that you keep some electrical safety tips in mind as you get your AC unit up-and-running.

Here are three electrical safety tips you can use to stay out of harm's way when maintaining your air conditioner.

1. Always cut the power to your AC unit when you are working on it.

If you need to inspect your AC unit for signs of damage or clean out the interior of your unit to ensure proper performance, it's critical that you cut the power to your AC unit before you begin working. Your air conditioner utilizes an electrical current in order to power the electrical components responsible for creating cooled air to circulate through your home.

This electrical current could cause serious harm if you come into contact with it while maintaining your AC unit. Make sure all switches on your AC unit are in the "off" position and turn off the breaker connected to your air conditioner before you begin any maintenance tasks.

2. Invest in a voltmeter to help you avoid electrical shock.

Once you have eliminated the flow of electricity from your air conditioner, you may be tempted to think that you can handle the wires within your AC unit without fear of electrical shock. Unfortunately, many wires have the ability to retain electrical charges for short periods of time.

By investing in a voltmeter or test pen, you can easily check for the presence of electricity before you begin making repairs to your AC unit. Relying on a voltmeter or test pen will help you avoid serious electrical discharge and potential injuries as you maintain your AC unit in the future.

3. Use insulated tools when maintaining your AC unit.

If you need to use any hand tools to make repairs while maintaining your AC unit, you should ensure that the tools you turn to have insulated handles.

The rubber coating that covers the handles of many hand tools provides a barrier against the transfer of electricity. These rubber grips can also make the hand tools more comfortable to use, allowing you to make any necessary repairs with ease.

Being able to employ some basic electrical safety tips will allow you to safely maintain your air conditioner in the future. To learn more, contact a company like Plisko Service Solutions