How To Create A Unique Family Room

Are you building a brand new home? Maybe you're remodeling your present family room or you're turning another room in your house into a family room. Whatever the reason, here are some suggestions that might help you to design something your family and your friends can enjoy.

Think Of The Feeling You Want To Establish - Do you want elegance and contemporary? Do you want an old-fashioned feeling? What about a rustic western theme?

  • Remember that, no matter which theme you select, you can also mix decorating styles.
  • If you want a contemporary look, you can still add western paintings, for example.
  • Old-fashioned decorating can become elegant with the choice of fabrics for your furniture.

Create A Home Theater - Whether your family loves to watch movies or enjoys watching television, a home theater can be a great part of your family room. 

  • Select furniture that lends itself to comfort as you watch movies and television. Choose reclining chairs and sofas that also have a place for snacks.
  • Will you be buying a large screen television set? If so, you'll feel like you're in an actual theater while watching your favorite shows.
  • Select an excellent sound system and window treatments that will be conducive to excellent sound. In addition, the window treatments should make the room dark when closed.

Add To Your Home Theater Room - Remember that the family will also be doing other activities in your new room.

  • If you have the space, select a game table to place in part of the room. Have a cabinet or a large basket in which to store things like puzzles and board games.
  • If you selected reclining chairs for your home theater room, they'll also be conducive to great reading. Be sure that you have good lighting for that.
  • Is the family room extra large? If so, consider installing a ping pong table or a pool table and you'll be a hero.

Before you even begin, think about gathering your family to get ideas for your new room. Have a scribe to write down all of the ideas and try to incorporate as many of them as you can. It may be that somebody asks for a pop corn machine in the room. That's easy enough to do. Somebody else might want a small refrigerator in which to keep drinks and snacks. Another person might suggest shelves for your family's collection of books. You might get some unique ideas from your group.

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