GFCI Outlets Are A Good Idea

If you are getting your house rewired, you may want to talk to your electrician about putting in GFCI outlets, especially if they are going to be putting in new plugs in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or anywhere else that might be exposed to moisture.


GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupt. Think of it like a circuit breaker for that particular small circuit. Your house is on one large circuit, beginning and ending at your circuit breakers. It's like a large circle. As long as the circuit remains unbroken, the circuit works. The first time that the circle breaks, then the circuit breaks. Inside that circle are a bunch of other, smaller circles. Those circles attach to the inside line of the larger circuit, creating their own circuits. Those are the rooms or sections of your home. Inside those circuits are smaller circuits, the outlets or light fixtures. If something happens to one of those, such as water getting into an outlet, the circuit can break, leading to a domino effect until it gets to your circuit breaker. Generally, it happens pretty quickly. However, it doesn't always, which is where a GFCI outlet comes in. Since the GFCI outlet is right there, it trips much, much faster. When it does trip, all you have to do is push the button on the outlet to reset the circuit. There are several other reasons that you should use a GFCI outlet. 

Building Code

One reason to have them installed when you are having your house rewired is that it is likely the building code in your city or state requires it. Building codes are regulations that are set down that each structure has to meet. There are specific codes for each part of your house, including things like the minimum distance between your toilet and your sink must be or what kind of outlets you have to have in various parts of your house. If you have a historic house, there may be a different set of building codes you have to use, especially if your house is in a historic area where you have to follow particular rules so that your house fits into the area. 

Getting your house rewired if your wiring is old or you are doing some remodeling is a good idea. Not only will it make sure that you have the newest technology, you will also be able to have safer outlets.