Tap Water vs Bottle Water

TNT ‘s Leverage



If you look at the guy in the background at the 8 second mark you will see me talking recycling with a fellow actor.  I did do some recycling between takes and helped put a recycling bin in the craft services area.  Every little bit helps.

Bikes vs Big Oil

I try to use our family bike trailer and tag along everyday spring through late fall. My son helps pedal in the tag along and my 2 year old daugher enjoys the ride in the trailer. Last summer we enjoyed 10 days in a row using the bike, bus or the train in Portland, Oregon. Everytime I get on the bike either by myself or with the kids I think of the big oil companies and the fact that they make not a dime when I cruise the streets on my bike. Share your bike or public transit stories and join me as we say NO to Big Oil.

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Recycling Coordinator at Chief Joe Elementary School, Portland, Oregon.

Mt. Hood