Recycling Bike

Sunday Parkways hit North Portland this past Sunday.  It was amazing to see thousands of bikes and people of all shapes and sizes enjoying the car free streets.  Hopefully this event encourages just one more person to ditch the car and jump on the bike at least once a week to get to and from work.  It’s safe, fun, good for you and saves gas, wear and tear on your car and helps the environment.  Send me your favorite photos from Sunday Parkways or your family just having fun on your bikes and I will post them on my blog.  Happy riding.

The photo below is this home made recycling bike.  It allows people to throw in anything that can be recycled and is great for events all over town.


Hand dryers vs trees

I have seen these new amazing low energy hand dryers in pubs, parks, zoos and schools all over Portland.  Just like using less paper at the office, school and home its just as important to use less paper after washing hands.  This hand dryer was found at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Oregon.  What does your bathroom use to dry hands?


Surviving and thriving on pennies

Please enjoy my friend Nancy’s blog…..she has some amazing articles and ideas.  Someday I hope to follow in her footsteps.






Public transit

We are lucky in Portland, Oregon to have an amazing bus, train, trolley system that is clean, safe and friendly.  As gas prices continue to rise more and more people leave the car in the driveway and enjoy the stress free ride.  On the flip side some people complain of taking longer to get to work and that they miss the freedom of having a car.  My response is sometimes we all need to give up a bit to help the air we breathe and to make this world a better place to live.  Try the bus, the train, walk or grab your bike for a short trip.  Before you know it you will be wondering why you didn’t toss those car keys in the bushes year ago.  Enjoy the ride.


Recycled raised beds

In  Portland, Oregon we like to plant food instead of grass.  Don’t get me wrong I love the feel of fresh green grass on my feet in the summer time but it really serves little purpose.  If we all planted food instead of grass we would save money on watering the lawn but instead water our food.  These three raised beds made from recycled wood and bamboo our neighbors have installed this year.  Can’t wait to help them eat the corn, strawberries and beans they have planted.  Happy growing and thanks for reading my blog.


New Recycling bins downtown Portland, Oregon.

Saw these today at all the bus and Max stops downtown.  Pretty amazing design to allow paper, metal and plastic to go in for recycling.  This week Gov. Kitzhaber signed the new Oregon Bottle bill which now will include all energy drinks, coffee, wine and almost anything else made of glass, metal or plastic.  Currently only 8 states have a bottle bill with Oregon being the first in 1971. 

Hang your laundry on a line

Oregon Coast Video

White Man


Enjoy this short video of this crazy guy climbing down a few hundred feet to Falcon Cove, Oregon.

Shed made from all material found on the beach

This is a friends home made shed made of all things washed up on the Oregon coast or found on the property.  It’s amazing what someone can do with old wood, outdated windows, boat parts and even some crab buoys.