Next car to be Electric

The days of this family driving a car that runs on gas and leaks oil are numbered.  I have dreamed since I was 21 that I would someday plug my car in at night, drive it around and then plug it in again that evening.  No radiator, no oil, no spark plugs, no timing belts and no more stopping at the gas station. Today we get by with a 1996 Volvo with 240 thousand miles and a 1993 VW Westfalia, just getting broken in at 220k.  They are paid for and do the job when the weather is too wet and cold to use the bikes.  But as they get closer to the 300 thousand mile mark, I have been researching the new and first mass produced electric vehicles hitting the US market this fall.  Hybrids have been a nice start but the real answer is full electric cars and trucks that have no exhaust pipes.  Nissan has the Leaf, Toyota the new Prius, Mitsubishi I-Miev, Honda Fit and the 2012 Smart Car.  Most of these cars start around 30K which is way out of my price range but with a average range of 100 miles on a charge, it can only get cheaper.  The 2012 electric cars will recharge in an average of 4 hours on a standard 240volt plug.  In less then a few minutes, it will recharge on fast charging stations being built all over America.  Electric cars are here to stay and in the next 5 years will be a small but growing part of the automobiles on the road.  I can’t wait to never have to stop at a gas station again and to drive 100 miles for about 30 cents.  Then, after I install the solar panels, I will get to charge it for free.  Keep an eye out for an electric car in your neighborhood, it just might be me driving by.

2012 Nissan Leaf