Super Bowl, NBC’s Grimm, Recycling

NBC's Grimm February 3, 2012 Image caputured from full episode

Just a quick update from the Pacific North West.  Life has been busy to start 2012.  I continue to play a cop on NBC’s Grimm while my real job is a stay at home dad in Portland, Oregon.  As we all get ready for what we hope to be a great football game I envision all the bottles, cans, glass, metal and plastic going into recycling bins across the globe.  Just think of how many jobs we could create in the USA alone if we each put one more thing in the recycling container.  So if your at a party today or trying to catch a half second glimpse of me on Friday nights (NBC 9pm) please look in the trash.  Did your party recycle everything it could?  If not then bring up the discussion, pull that wine bottle or beer can out, rinse and recycle.  Every can, bottle, milk jug, metal tin and wine bottle not thrown into a landfill saves natural raw materials.  I must now get back to being a dad but I look forward to hearing your recycling stories here on my blog.  Go Buffalo Bills…..who said they lost four Super Bowls in a row.