Buy Local, Eat Fresh

Buying local foods and products are now easier to do and much better for the environment.  Local foods taste better, are not shipped thousands of miles and help keep local farmers in business.  They’re  grown without pesticides, hormones and other chemicals that are needed to keep them fresh.  Most larger, big, box, grocery stores buy produce that were picked 7-14 days ago before reaching the store shelf.  These fruits and vegetables are chosen for their looks to withstand long shipments and not for taste.  Buying local produce means eating fresh fruits and vegetables picked at peak taste and sold with little or no packaging.

Some of the great products that can be bought locally include eggs, cheese, bread, red meat, chicken, beer, wine, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, cereal, and many other products.  Local farmers enjoy meeting the people who purchase what they grow.  Stop by your farmer’s market or local produce stand and say hello to the men and women who grow local fruits and vegetables.  The money you spend with them is more likely to stay in the community which keeps the family farm in business and out of the hands of large developers.  Buying local is not only healthier, but it is also better for the environment, keeps money in the community is a great way to learn how your food is grown and produced.  Shake the hand of your local farmer today.

Photo by Sean Gettings

  • Chelsea:

    I had never tasted a tomato until I had a tomato that my mother brought home from her share at the Tucson CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)! The bland tomatoes they sell at supermarkets are poor imitations of real, locally-grown tomatoes! I am definitely a believer! Thanks for the article, Sean!

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