Portland, Oregon Starts Curbside Food Composting

What a month October was for the City of Portland, Oregon. On October 15th the city banned the plastic grocery bag which was 3 years in the making.  Then on Halloween after a successful test run Portland begins picking up food waste once a week and pushing back household trash pickup to every other week.  It is estimated that food waste accounts for over 30,000 tons of garbage in Portland every year. Taking food waste out of the landfill and making it into fresh organic material for gardens and landscaping is great for the environment and reduces carbon dioxide emissions from landfills.  We have had a backyard composting bin for over 5 years but now with the curbside pickup we will be able to compost meat bones, food scraps and even pizza boxes.  So to all my friends in Portland, please start scarping that leftover food into your green compost bins.  Every little bit helps and if your not in Portland please start your own compost bin.  Encouraging your local city and state representatives to start curbside composting in your hometown is the next great thing and yes it creates jobs.  Do you compost food scraps?

Portland, Oregon composts

  • Sandy J. Omaha:

    Our city does not have food compost pick-up. However at our house we have raccoons that visit nightly because we have water out year round. They take care of most food scraps. Anything that we know they won’t eat or anything that we don’t want them to have, we put in a container in the deep freeze. Then once a month or so, we take it out to my dad’s place where he keeps a large compost heap. Omaha also no longer accepts glass in their weekly curbside recycling pickup. So every couple months or so, we take glass jars and bottles from us and our neighbors to a local glass recycling drop off site.

  • Rebecca:

    I love that Portland has adopted curbside composting. I remember feeling very jealous of our friends in San Francisco who had the buckets under their sinks.
    The feeling of full-circle evoked in me from composting is a good one. I like that waste is not really a waste.

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