Would love to see….Part 1

Sorry to be missing the last week or so, kids and raking leaves have been keeping me busy.  I have been thinking about writing a blog on what keeps me involved in green living and changes I would love to see made.  So here is my list of what makes me grumpy, makes me smile and in my ideal world the way things would work.

I’m 41 years old so I figure I have a few years left to get some of this stuff done.  The first thing I want to see is recycling bins next to every trash can in America.  There is no reason for plastic drink bottles and soda cans to ever end up in the trash.  I think if someone throws a cigarette butt out the car window or on the ground walking down the street they should be forced to spend the next ten days eating them for breakfast.  I bet that would cut back on the amount of clowns throwing trash out the window.  Next, if you drive a car that gets less then 10 miles to the gallon or 10 gallons to the mile you would pay a extra “gasoline” tax.  Gas stations would all be required to install fast charging stations for the millions upon millions of electric cars that get 200 miles on a 30 minute charge.  Just think how nice the air around would be to breathe if we all drove electric cars, rode bikes or walked to and from school, work, banks, grocery stores, libraries and parks. Buses, trolleys and trains would move people from town to town and gas powered cars would be as rare as free beer at the corner pub.  Houses with clear southern views would have solar panels for electricity, wind turbines would be small but generate lots of power and coal power plants would only be read about  in text books. All food scrapes would be composted at home and in restaurants, chickens would be more popular pets then dogs and cats and front yards would be all fresh food gardens. Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington come to mind as places that this will happen first and in some cases is all ready starting.

This is just a start and I know many of these things may never happen in my lifetime.  I imagine a world that everyone takes the time to protect the earth and takes the extra time to do what they can to help.  We need to change and we need to do it yesterday.  To be continued…..


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