How To Troubleshoot A Malfunctioned Three-Way Switch

You may think that three-way switches control three different lights, but that's not how they work. In spite of the name, a three-way light switch controls the power in two different locations, as a four-way switch controls the light from three locations. A standard light switch has two individual terminals, while the three-way switch has three terminals with one terminal connected to a second or third terminal. If the light switch is giving you trouble, here are some ways to troubleshoot the issue.

What Business Owners Should Know About Electrical Overloads

Do the lights go out when you turn on a computer? Does the outlet make a sizzling type of noise whenever you plug something into it? If you're experiencing these types of scenarios – you likely have an overload on your hands. Learn what you need to do. What Is An Electrical Overload? When your electrical system is overloaded, it's quite simple – you're using more electricity than your panel is designed to support.

How To Create A Unique Family Room

Are you building a brand new home? Maybe you're remodeling your present family room or you're turning another room in your house into a family room. Whatever the reason, here are some suggestions that might help you to design something your family and your friends can enjoy. Think Of The Feeling You Want To Establish - Do you want elegance and contemporary? Do you want an old-fashioned feeling? What about a rustic western theme?

3 Precautions For Keeping Yourself Safe While Working On Your Home's Electrical Wiring

If you are hesitant about working on your house's electrical wiring, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to minimize your risk of being shocked or electrocuted. If so, take the following precautions to keep yourself safe while working on your home's wiring. Hang A Sign on the Main Breaker Box Before working on any wiring project in your home, the first thing you always need to do is to turn off the main breaker box to kill any live current going through the wiring.

Restore Family Harmony By Installing USB-Enhanced Outlets

Many family squabbles are often precipitated by the need for additional outlet space for charging cell phones and tablets. While you can opt for  power strips filled with charging blocks, this option limits use to a specific area, The power strips themselves are tripping hazards, dust collectors, and aesthetically displeasing. Installing a USB-enhanced outlet adds two additional USB ports, free the two receptacles, and allows the precious charging adapters to be used elsewhere in the home.