Getting Through A Maine Winter: What Should You Expect If You Switch From A Wood-Burning Stove To Electric Heat?

If you have lived in Maine your entire life and have always burned wood in a woodstove, you are in good company. But, if you have discovered that as you get older taking care of the wood is more than you can handle, you may need to look for another heat source. Don't cross electric heating off your list just because you've heard horror stories about the high electric bills in the winter.

4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Teenage Basement Bedrooms

Many people like to expand the square footage in their home by finishing a basement and creating additional bedrooms. If you have a teenager in your home, a basement bedroom can provide them with privacy and space as they thrive in school and transition into adulthood. Along with finishing off a basement for proper temperature control and comfort, a basement bedroom can feature a number of electrical upgrades suited for a teen.